Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Bioidentical Hormone Specialists in Milwaukee, WIBioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specialists in Milwaukee people that are dealing with health issues related to hormone decline to regain their vitality and achieve optimal levels of health.

Many women and men that are suffering from hormonal decline assume that the symptoms they are experiencing are just a natural part of getting older; however, many symptoms can be eradicated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Replenishing the primary sex hormones, which include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can alleviate numerous conditions and provide a wide number of benefits.

Benefits of Testosterone Balance

Balancing testosterone can improve the quality of life for both men and women, and it can reduce many age related symptoms. Some of the benefits that men and women can experience with testosterone replacement therapy include:

Improved Libido
Testosterone balance can help both men and women to increase their sex drive and sexual performance. Men can improve erectile dysfunction, and women can climax more easily when testosterone levels are balanced.
Increased Energy
Adequate testosterone levels can boost metabolism and increase the body’s ability to extract energy from food sources and cells. Men and women can have increased mental and physical motivation with balanced testosterone.
More Muscle Mass
In men and women with low testosterone, muscle can atrophy and become flabby. On average, men going through hormone decline lose an average of ten to fifteen pounds of muscle mass. Replenishing testosterone can help patients to improve energy and increase their muscle mass.

Testosterone increases red blood cell production, and red blood cells work to carry oxygen throughout the body. Increased oxygen flow can improve workout performances and improve stamina and endurance.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Estrogen is a primary female sex hormone that controls thousands of functions in the body, and both women and men can benefit from balancing estrogen. Some of the benefits of balancing estrogen can include:

Healthier Sleep Cycles
Estrogen works with the hypothalamus to set the body’s sleep cycles, and when it is deficient, people can have issues falling or staying asleep. Balancing estrogen can help women and men to have balanced sleep cycles and improved sleep.
More Youthful Skin
Estrogen increases collagen production, which keeps skin youthful and elastic, and reduced levels can cause skin to become dry and wrinkled. Balancing estrogen can keep skin more youthful and potentially prevent wrinkles.
Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
Lower levels of estrogen can increase the risk for heart disease because estrogen helps blood to flow smoothly. When blood is flowing smoothly, it can help to lower the risk of heart disease.
Fewer Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
Estrogen also works with the hypothalamus to regulate body temperature, and lower levels of estrogen can disrupt the body’s ability to set its temperature. Balancing estrogen can reduce hot flashes and night sweats, while helping people to regulate their body temperature.

Bioidentical Progesterone Replacement Benefits

Progesterone helps to balance the effects of estrogen, and it governs pregnancy and birth. Balancing progesterone can have numerous benefits, which may include:

Reduced Risk of Breast & Uterine Cancer
Lower levels of progesterone can cause estrogen to rise, which can lead to estrogen dominance. Because estrogen proliferates tissue growth in the breast and uterus, increased levels can increase the risk for breast and uterine tissue. Balancing progesterone can prevent estrogen dominance and lower the risk for cancer.
Regular Menstrual Cycles
Progesterone is needed for regular menstrual cycles, and lower levels can lead to periods that come late, early, or several times a month. Balancing progesterone can help women to have more regular menstrual cycles and improve overall levels of health.

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